globeHOW TO REDUCE CLIMATE CHANGE (M. Ricky Razu-Nohan Arum R.-Oktaviani Loren-Santi Ismawati=XII IPA2) Global warming is catastrophe coming. We already know the cause, human relentless burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, gas, illegal logging, usage plastic bag, throw rubbish everywhere and others.

We know some negative impacts of global warming like melting of polar ice caps, rising oceans, severe droughts, the spread of diseases, massive flooding, coral bleaching, and surging storms. And who will be hit hardest are coastal countries, island nations, and under developed regions like Southeast Asia belong Indonesia.

For years, we have been releasing more and more carbon dioxide into atmosphere buy burning fossil fuels, releasing CFC (cloro floro carbon) from refrigerator and air conditioner, and methane from hand phone charger. This has greatly increased world’s natural blanket, leading to rising global temperatures and deadly under predictable changing climate. We believe that only a systematic and drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emission can prevent climate change from wreaking more damage to the earth’s ecosystem and its people. We must increasing public awareness of the problems it poses and seeks to effect changes in the direction of the region’s energy for future that moving from fossil fuels dependency towards embracing renewable, clean, and sustainable source of energy.


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  1. Adelia P. X2

    OwH . . .
    AMAZING ! ! !
    Pnjelasannya pkæ b.Inggris. . .
    Cuma tau sbagiannya z Pa? ? !

    HeM. . .
    Gimana kalo di SMADUTA BARTIM di adakn semacam seminar atau penyuluhan tentang GLOBAL WARMING Pa ! ? ?
    Kan asik thu Pa bsa nambah wawasan . . .

    Dari beratus-ratus pelajar belum tentu smuanya mengetahui pengertian yang signifikan ttg hal itu Pa? ? ?

  2. Stop global warming and let us go green

  3. please joint with us in “green community” komunitas sepeda tinjak Ampah

  4. Serius memang ada ya komunitasnya di ampah Pak ? Nanti saya gabung nunggu punya sepeda pak hehe
    @Yanes: Ada kok… sementara sekitar 10-15 orang

  5. Pake sepeda butut bisa pak?
    @Hair: ya bisalah… yang penting ditinjak

  6. cicichan

    hmmm siipp..
    @cicihan: ASih….?

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